Your go-to for mapping services in northern Minnesota

Get professional-level work when you need it

  • Many mapping and graphics options at an affordable price

  • Advanced mapping capabilities only when you need it

  • No additional staff or technology overhead cost

  • Personal and superior service

One person, one call

You only deal with one person--whether you need a map, have a data question, need a bigger version of that last graphic, information on my policies… any questions, I can take care of.

Your map, your way

Tell me what the map is for and who the audience is, and I can provide the best way to display the information you want, color or black and white, print or online. If you need something specific, I can work with you (over the phone, internet, email, or in person) to get exactly what you want while offering options and suggestions only years of experience can provide.

Business and local government

Have access to a mapping and graphics professional only when you need one; avoid the need to hire additional personnel, retrain existing staff, or purchase costly software. I can serve as a better mapping and graphics alternative to creating your own GIS program or expanding your existing staff.

Clear and concise

Forget the copied web maps, the hand-drawn scanned-in maps, or the over-complicated downloaded maps; get exactly what you need how you want it. Professional, clear and concise maps and graphics with the ability to update over time as your needs change.

Access everywhere

Any map, any data, any graphic, anywhere in the world. Through the Hoffmann website, get your purchased data and products at any time; by computer or by smartphone. Need something more? Call or email and I’ll get you what you need.